Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's like a Real store!

Whew! Our new store has been open a month and recently celebrated a crowded and energetic grand opening. The action painting wall, which was looking much too white, now bears some serious splatters of paint. It’s beginning to feel like home.

I am personally moved, touched and inspired both by our customers’ responses. The customers who have been with us for some time are excited about the new space and what this growth means for us. We delight together over the dedicated art studio, expanded toystore and two bathrooms (!). Over and over again our regulars enthuse, “this is like a Real store!” We joke that we no longer have to leave breadcrumbs for our customers to find us.

We are still getting settled in our new space and (still!) waiting on lots of new inventory to arrive. We like hearing comments and feedback about our new space – please continue to let us know what you like and, even more importantly, what we can do to make it better.

To the loyal customers who have cheered us on and gotten us to this point, I give my unending gratitude. And to the new customers we’re meeting every day (we actually have walk-in traffic…imagine!), we are thrilled to meet you and hope to become a destination you enjoy visiting with your family.

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