Sunday, April 13, 2008

the Cookie that got away

One of my very favorite US parenting magazines is Cookie. I love the pictures, the originality and perspective of the articles and the travel section is unbelievable.

So imagine how thrilled we were when last fall Cookie came to town to take pics for an upcoming article on the Twin Cities as a family destination (I thought their first call to us was a prank until the photographer emailed me with a Cookie address). In December we were asked to ship a box full of our products for pictures to accompany the store pics. We learned at end February that the issue on the Twin Cities would be in the April issue. And when the second fact-checker called to confirm our address and some of our products, our move date was only two weeks away so I felt I had to speak up about our pending move. I pleaded that we were only moving a couple of miles, etc., but in the end our new location no longer fit the article.

So here we are, Cookieless. The article is a good one, though, and lists lots of great places to visit with your kids, so check it out at

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