Sunday, March 23, 2008

Little Jackson Pollocks and Expert Toy Testers

The kiddywampus Grand Opening Celebration last week drew quite a cute crowd of little artists and toy experts. Here are a couple photos from the event. There are more great photos on our website:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunshiney Days

It might still be snowing outside, so thank goodness our new spot on Excelsior has tons windows. It's hard not to smile when the sun beams in and warms everything up.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We Want Our kiddywampus Back. Right Now!

Right now it’s moving time at kiddywampus, which means a huge sale (ends this Saturday, March 8th!) with products we aren’t taking with us, some we are taking but we have lots of, and the assorted odd treasure we’ve unearthed in the backroom. The store now has stacks and tables of toys reduced for clearance—while our activity stations and toys out for play are either packed up or sold. And our kid customers aren’t having it.

Earlier this week I spent 20 minutes with a 3 year old in our kiddyplay space, looking at the empty shelves where toys once sat. She kept saying “no toys” in an accusatory voice and looking at me. I told her we were moving to a bright happy new store, with more and new toys. I showed her the boxes we’d packed and how the toys fit in them and how great it was going to be and she just looked at me and kept repeating “no toys.”

I feel lucky that some of our regular customers know us well enough to where this change bothers them. I love that they wander around the shelves stacked with toys and then ask me “where are the toys?” I love how they come here with the expectation that they can wander around freely and play with everything, even if that’s not true for us for this one sale week.

So, to our littler customers: we hear you, and rest assured, your kiddywampus will be back soon…I can’t take this kind of pressure!