Friday, August 21, 2009

a positively perfect day

Today was an amazing day at kiddywampus. Owning a toy store makes every day a fun day, but today was spectacular. We hosted Free Art Friday, and KidzArt gave sample "mini-sessions" of the weekly art classes they'll hold at kiddywampus this fall. Many parents told us how impressed they were by the quality of the curriculum and instruction. We're very happy to have KidzArt with us and look forward to seeing them in action this fall. The place was jammin' and you could tell the toys were happy.

And a very famous customer, Edwin, was in the house today. I led Edwin's 3rd birthday party some two years ago...back in our little studio in the alley with no running water. Three years can be a little on the young side for paint throwing -- and over time we've learned that the stronger the arm muscles and gross motor skills, the farther the paint flies. And I will never forget looking over at Edwin during his party and seeing him going to town splashing and splattering paint in his own little studio corner....he was full of joy, completely oblivious to everyone around him and having the time of his life....just as I imagine Jackson Pollock must have been when in the middle of his huge creations. Edwin's 5 now and probably doesn't remember his party like I do, but it makes me happy every time I think about him, virtually unstoppable, at the paint wall.

Another very active customer today also brought back a happy memory...his Dad reminded me that this little guy (who was basically a blur in the store today he was moving so quickly) took his first determined steps at kiddywampus not so long ago. Wow. Big memories.

Sometimes the best parts of having a toy store have little to do with toys.

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Nora said...

sounds like fun! theres something special about a place that can be so enduring for kids